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Why use OscarAndrews’ services

Claim the ownership of your content

If you are the owner of any type of content -be it video, audio or any other type of file- being illegally shown or distributed on the internet, we can help you take it down..

Save money and time

Taking down stolen content can take some time and be a rather complicated process. This is why our team is here to help you; you just have to provide us with the necessary information and an authorization to act on your behalf, and we’ll make all the arrangements for your content to be taken down.

We work all over the world

We work with legislations all over the world and our staff is multilingual so we will most likely be able to help you, both in the legal aspects of the case and in communicating with all the actors involved in it.

Get everything done from the comfort of your own home

Thanks to a modern ticketing system we will be able to conduct all our communications through the internet, making it an even more comfortable process for you.

YOU are the only owner of your content

Unless you transfer the ownership of your content to a third party, you are most likely the ONLY OWNER of everything you create. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden for anybody else to distribute it without your permission.

In the era of information and communications technology, thousands of people face the same challenge every day: they see the content they have created all over the internet without their consent. And all too often, they are taken aback by the bureaucracy and the out-of court and legal procedures that have to be observed to have it taken down.

WE can help YOU

However, the staff at OscarAndrews is passionate about intellectual property law. Our team is here to advise you and to help you navigate through the out-of-court part of any takedown process. We LOVE what we do, and we can guarantee you that we will do our best to help you.

The takedown process

  • 1.-

    Contact us and provide us with all the required information.

  • 2.-

    Accept the terms and conditions allowing us to act on your behalf.

  • 3.-

    We’ll get down to work as soon as we have all the required information.

  • 4.-

    En cuanto hayamos recibido la información y la hayamos validado, nos pondremos a trabajar en el caso para intentar lograr el borrado de su material cuanto antes. A partir de aquí, y en cualquier momento del proceso, no dude en contactar con nosotros ante cualquier duda o imprevisto.

  • 5.-

    Cuando detectemos o recibamos confirmación de que su material ha sido eliminado, se lo comunicaremos. No obstane le animamos a revisar el estado de los enlaces periódicamente

As you can see, we make it quite an easy process for you. We guarantee we’ll keep you permanently updated, so all you have to do is lay back and wait for some news!

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